Frequently Asked Questions

Check here for the most frequently asked questions. If you cannot find your question, please email us so we can add it to this page! 


  • Campers and staff are REQUIRED to wear face masks at ALL times other than exercising
  • As of now, we have limited capacity in our facilities therefore it is recommended that parents DROP OFF their camper rather than staying to observe
  • NO OVERNIGHT camps this summer
  • NO MEALS WILL BE PROVIDED (Bring your own lunch, if the camp allows)
  • Water will not be provided.  Please bring your own water
  • Shirts, water, sports drinks and small concessions available for purchase!



Are there any discounts or scholarships?
Due to NCAA rules, we can not offer any discounts or scholarships to the general public. However, if you are a current University employee, please email 
gennyvolpevbcamps@gmail.com from your University email account for a 10% discount code. 

What happens after I register?
Once we have received your registration, you will be sent confirmation to the email address you entered during registration.  Additional information about the camp you registered for will come to that same email address as the camp dates gets closer.

When should I register?
Many of our camps have sold out the past few years and are filling up faster and faster each year. Registrations are processed on a first come, first serve basis. 

Do you keep a waitlist once the camps are full?
Yes, we do keep a waitlist. Waitlists are kept in case of cancellations.  If the camp you want is full, when you try to register, you will receive a message that you have the option to be placed on a waiting list.  When a spot opens up, a member of the staff will contact you to see if you want that spot.

Do I need to fill out the insurance information?
Yes. University requires us to have proof of insurance on file for every camper.  You will not be allowed to participate until the form is completed.

I've already registered, but something has come up and my daughter can't attend camp. What's your cancellation policy?
We will charge a cancellation fee (15% of the cost of camp). Notice must be received the day before camp begins. No refunds will be given the morning of camp or after camp begins. Email is preferred so we have a written request with date and time.




What will my daughter need at the dorm?
All campers will need bed linens for an extra-long twin bed as well as a pillow. Your daughter will also need toiletries and towels.


What else should I send with my daughter?
Campers sometimes bring appropriate games, cards, wireless speakers, snacks and drinks to make their stay more comfortable. Our camp store sells snacks, drinks, t-shirts, and volleyballs. Please bring some cash if you'd like to purchase something from the camp store. Please remember that this Volleyball Camp is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please secure your valuables or leave them at home.

Will the rooms have phones?
No, the rooms will not have phones and campers are not allowed to plug phones into the outlets. Campers are allowed to bring cell phones; however, this Volleyball Camp is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Phones should also not be used during sessions unless approved by a coach.

How do I contact my daughter while she is at camp?
You can contact the Volleyball Camp via phone or email. You will also receive emergency contact information when you receive the additional information about your specific camp, when the camp dates get closer.

Will my child be supervised at the dorm?
Yes! Every camper is assigned to a dorm counselor. Our Volleyball Camp Staff (camp directors, coaches, counselors, or dorm moms) are housed with the campers on every floor. Campers are required to be in there room by 11:00pm. Our staff will do bed checks every night at 11:15pm. We are very serious about the safety of your daughter.

What if I lose my room key?
Each camper is given a room key at registration. There is a $100 fee for a lost key. If a camper loses their room key, please notify the camp director or a dorm supervisor immediately. The fee to replace a lost key can be paid to the camp. If the camper does not have the money to pay the fee, it will be billed to the parents.

What about roommate requests?
The Volleyball Camp will accept roommate and suitemate requests, but does not guarantee them. All requests must be complete; meaning both roommates or all four suitemates must request only each other.

Rooming assignments are done 1-2 weeks prior to the start of the camp session. If your camper is attending as part of an odd number group (3 person roommate request), the camp reserves the right to add a fourth person who did not request a roommate. We will place two people in one room of the suite and the third person will take pot luck in the other room. It is recommended that roommate and suitemate requests register at the same time. Please register early so your session does not fill up and you ensure all requested parties get into camp.

What if a camper's assigned roommate does not show up for camp?
After all campers have checked in, we will make every attempt to move your camper in to another room so that she will have a roommate. This can sometimes be difficult because our camps vary in age. 



Can parents observe the training sessions?
Yes! Parents are welcome to come watch any training session. Parents are especially invited to come watch the last camp session and closing ceremonies. Please check with your daughter to see what gym she will be in. 



PARENTS may enter campus at Entrance #8 (University Blvd and Stockton) or Entrance #18 (Rice Blvd and Wilton). Our campus map can be found on our Downloads page.


Parents are welcome to drive by Tudor Fieldhouse on "College Way Loop Road" to drop off or pick up their child. Staff members will be out front to help expedite this process.

Parents are also welcome to park in Hess Staff Lot for not more than 15 minutes, and walk their child inside. To enter the lot, press the INTERCOM button and tell the attendant on duty that you are there to drop off your child for camp.

Parents who arrive early or intend to stay longer to watch the session, should NOT park their car on the roads. Please park in any visitor lot and pay with credit card. West Lot 1 is the closest visitor lot to Tudor Fieldhouse. A list of parking lots for visitors and fees is available at: http://parking.rice.edu/Content.aspx?id=177

CAMPERS may drive to camp and park their cars during camp.  They are required to turn in their keys at registration.  They will receive them back at checkout.  Campers are responsible for all costs associated with parking on campus.  Please contact us directly to determine these costs.  They are set by parking and vary from year to year and for the particular lot used.  Parking costs must be paid at registration.  You will receive a parking tag for your car that must be displayed.

Sorry, but our Volleyball Camp cannot provide assistance with appeals for tickets issued by The University or the City of Houston and will not pay for any citations received while at camp. 

Training / Schedule

Who are the Volleyball Camp coaches?
The University head coach Genny Volpe and assistant coaches John Klanac and Zheng Xiang set the curriculum for training, but our Volleyball Camp also brings in college, club, and high school coaches from around the country.   We also are proud to have many of our current players actively involved in coaching the camps.

Where can I find a camp schedule?
Specific camp schedules can be found on this website and by going to www.riceowls.com, clicking on the volleyball link and choosing the camp tab on the left side of the page in the scroll down menu.  This link will take you to the PDF version of the camp brochure.  All available scheduling information is on that form. Please remember that these schedules are tentative and are subject to change.

What is the ratio of campers to coaches?
Our Volleyball camp tries to keep a camper to coach ratio of 8:1.