Genny Volpe Volleyball Camps At Rice University


ELITE CAMP I                          June 18-19th                 $395                                                         
ELITE CAMP II                         July 10-11th                      $395

SERVING CLINIC I                   June 20th                         $75
SERVING CLINIC II                  July 9th                        $75

HITTERS CAMP I                     June 24th                     $100
HITTERS CAMP II                    July 8th                        $100

SETTERS CAMP I                    June 24th                     $100
SETTERS CAMP II                   July 8th                        $100

LIBERO/DS CAMP I                 June 25th                     $100
LIBERO/DS CAMP II                July 8th                        $100

PRE-TRYOUT CAMP                June 26th                     $150

PASSING AND ATTACKING CAMP I                            June 20th                     $100
PASSING AND ATTACKING CAMP II                           July 9th                        $100

SKILLS & COMPETITION DAY CAMP I                        June 21-23rd                $375
SKILLS & COMPETITION DAY CAMP II                       July 5-7th                     $375
SKILLS & COMPETITION DAY CAMP III                      July 12-14th                 $375
**w/Serving Post Camp Clinic Add On                                                             $425     

ELITE POSITION CAMP           July 16-17th                  $395


*Genny Volpe Volleyball Camps are open to any and all entrants (limited only by number, age, grade level and/or gender).

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